Proctorio is a fully automated remote proctoring service that secures your online exams using LockDown settings, Identity Verification, Plagiarism Detection, and Content Protection to protect and uphold your academic reputation.

Current Term 8/1/2019 - 7/31/2024
Max Term 7/31/2024
Agreement Number #0000-2232

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Locked Down Browser

Proctorio’s lockdown settings are completely customizable, giving exam administrators the ability to limit access to other applications or websites, prevent copy/paste, force full screen, and much more.

ID Verification

Proctorio verifies test-takers’ identities with ID and signature verification before entering the exam. Administrators can choose between two ID verification options, Automated or Human, so they can customize exam security to their specific needs.

Plagiarism Detection

Proctorio detects plagiarism using a similarity score. The higher the similarity to external sources, the higher the Similarity Score will be. Proctorio can also detect plagiarism in hidden forms, such as text written by AI or language translations.

About Proctorio

Proctorio’s live and fully automated remote proctoring service provides a scalable, cost-effective solution for protecting academic integrity by validating test-taker identities, detecting plagiarism, and content security during online exams. Proctorio integrates seamlessly with any Learning Management Systems (LMS) and third-party assessment platforms. With customizable exam settings, administrators can conveniently set up unscheduled, on-demand exam proctoring specific to their assessment needs.