About SchoolBuys

As part of the Enterprise and Procurement Services department at the Foundation for California Community Colleges, SchoolBuys provides strategic sourcing focused exclusively on the needs of K-12 schools. We maximize investments for districts by offering discounts of up to 85 percent on a wide range of products—from cutting-edge educational technology and software to high-quality classroom furniture and equipment.

Strategic Sourcing for K-12 Institutions

Our program saves millions of dollars for school districts and private schools each year through deals on software, furniture, equipment, and supplies. We leverage the collective buying power of educational institutions across California as a group purchasing entity to secure best-value pricing.

Expert Team

Our team has decades of experience in educational procurement and purchasing processes, with an explicit focus on best practices and lowering operating costs. Whether you need guidance on contracts, vendor selection, or purchasing solutions, our professionals can advise on the best options to meet your district or school’s needs.