At Lakeshore, we believe in creating products that matter. That’s why our hands-on learning materials are meticulously crafted to help children reach key milestones, with top-quality furniture designed for any learning space.

Current Term 8/15/2023 - 8/14/2028
Max Term 8/14/2033
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Senior Vice President
M: 800.421.5354 x 7976
Tyler Domski
Vice President, Business Process & Contracts
M: 800.421.5354 x 2783

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Products and Services offered by Lakeshore

Early Childhood

From cubbies and changing stations to libraries and individual interest areas, our early childhood furniture and learning materials are intentionally designed to keep little ones safe while nurturing them and encouraging them to learn.


At Lakeshore, our products are developed by educators and meticulously crafted to help students reach academic milestones with learning materials through eighth grade and furniture designed for any learning space through high school.


Flex-Space furniture helps teachers meet the real-world needs of 21st-century classrooms from kindergarten through high school. Our most versatile furniture line makes it easy to arrange flexible spaces that fluidly change throughout the day.

About Lakeshore

At Lakeshore, we’re committed to offering educational materials and classroom furniture that make a real difference. Developed by educators, our products are meticulously crafted to help students reach developmental and academic milestones through eighth grade, with furniture designed for any learning space through high school. But that’s just the start. We’re also proud to offer Design, Delivery & Installation by Lakeshore—the exclusive service for new or remodeled learning spaces. And to simplify the purchasing process, we offer cost-saving eProcurement Services supported by custom ordering websites tailored to your specific needs.