Honorlock combines Artificial Intelligence and live test proctors to make online proctoring simple, easy, and human. Our software is easy to use, has U.S. based support 24/7/365, and requires no exam scheduling.

Current Term 6/7/2022 - 6/6/2028
Max Term 6/6/2032
Agreement Number #0000-5736

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John Floyd, EdD
Vice President - Education Sales
M: 512.762.7897
E: jfloyd@honorlock.com
Honorlock Sales
E: sales@honorlock.com

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Products and Services offered by Honorlock

On-Demand Test Taking

Honorlock's on-demand online proctoring services enable students to take online exams when they’re ready - 24/7/365 days a year. Faculty don’t need to schedule proctors for exams and students have the freedom of taking online exams at any time.

U.S. Based Human Proctors and Support

Our proctors and support are U.S. based, making sure that they’ll respond in a timely manner. Support is available at any time for faculty and students via phone, live chat, and email - and you’ll connect with a real person.

Search & Destroy

Test banks sites make it easy to share your test questions and sharing content is easier than ever with the internet. Honorlock searches for leaked content and works with instructors for the removal of the material across the Internet.

About Honorlock

Honorlock’s online test proctoring services combine the benefits of AI with those of live test proctors. Our people drive decisions using data from artificial intelligence – AI doesn’t drive us. Honorlock’s exam proctoring software monitors each student’s exam session and alerts a live, US-based test proctor if it detects any potential problems. This provides our proctor with the opportunity to enter the exam session only if necessary to help the student get back on track.To ensure test content is secure, our proprietary test content protection service searches for illicit test questions on websites and notifies your faculty to help protect their IP and peace of mind. We’ve dedicated ourselves to taking the technical online proctoring experience and making it human.