CLARUS Corporation, a Carnegie Company

CLARUS is the leader in community college marketing, helping colleges manage and change constituents’ perceptions, identify market opportunities, and increase enrollment. Through custom digital marketing, research, and branding services, CLARUS delivers enrollment success for community colleges.

Current Term 10/23/2023 - 10/22/2028
Max Term 10/22/2033
Agreement Number #0000-8099

Contact Information

Jaime Oleksik
VP, Business Development
M: 443.929.6241

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Products and Services offered by CLARUS Corporation, a Carnegie Company

Funnel Marketing

Get the attention of your top-priority student lists by delivering dynamic content to drive them to action in a way no email or text can. This requires no PII to deploy. Reporting, optimizations, and an enrollment match back are provided.

Student Lead Generation

On-platform ads to local students actively engaging in the college search and automated, custom emails built by our communications experts create a turnkey solution to keep you top of mind. Zip code level targeting for precise marketing execution.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

Access our diverse team of in-house subject matter experts covering all facets of enrollment and marketing, including brand strategy, web development, integrated research, signature creative, communication plans, and more.

About CLARUS Corporation, a Carnegie Company

CLARUS, a Carnegie Company, is a full-service agency that offers a complete end-to-end portfolio of communications, digital, and lead generation services. Our mission is to help our clients understand who they are, who their audiences are, and how to create powerful connections between them all. CLARUS joined the Carnegie family of brands in March 2023 and is better positioned to serve community colleges and their constituents. Carnegie continues to find innovative ways to generate connections between students and colleges, a legacy that began at its founding in 1985. Through our full life-cycle solutions, we can deliver relevant and conversion-friendly digital marketing plans driven by critical insights about who you are and what’s right for your marketing and communications strategy.