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From expert consulting services to communication made simple in more than 150 languages, our team has you covered. Communications Consulting Group is a one-stop universal resource for all of your modern language needs.

Current Term 2/1/2018 - 1/30/2025
Max Term 2/1/2028
Agreement Number #CB-236-18

Contact Information

Katrina Labouliere
M: 225.663.1786
Connie Anderson
Director of Operations
M: 225.663.1786

Products and Services offered by CC Group

Video Remote Interpreting Services

Video Remote Interpreting is communications access for the digital age. Let CC Group's own VRI remote video software technology connect you with a live interpreter.

Remote Captioning

Software technology 'driven' by a live translator to account for context and meaning, broadcast in simple text to deaf client(s) via an unlimited number of remote screens.

Remote Computer Assisted Real Time Transcription

About CC Group

Communications Consulting Group, LLC (CC Group) offers a wide range of services to accomodate the total spectrum of communication methods. CC Group’s services are used by individuals and companies who believe in communication made simple. We continue to create innovative opportunities for people through accessibility.