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SKC’s Modular Construction process is a resource-efficient, off-site delivery method to construct code compliant buildings in a quality-controlled factory setting. This prefabricated building process offers design and planning flexibility; whether the need is new, pre-owned, temporary or permanent.

Current Term 9/3/2020 - 9/2/2025
Max Term 9/2/2025
Agreement Number #0000-4348

Contact Information

Sheri Allen
Business Development Manager
M: 714.873.6599
O: 909.740.3120
April Jimenez
Customer Relations Manager
M: 909.730.2346
O: 909.740.3120

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Products and Services offered by SKC Company

New Built Modular Building Products

PC templates allow flexibility to create customized spaces blending into an already established site environment. From a single classroom addition to a multi-story campus wing, our New Built products align design with a faster construction solution!

Interim Housing and Swing Space

SKC is a sole source for all types of temporary academic space. With an inventory of new and pre-owned DSA portables, these units are ready for delivery! In addition to classrooms; offices, labs, libraries, locker rooms, and restrooms are available.

Modular Building-related Industry Services

SKC offers a wide range of industry related support: Consulting Services, Design Build Methodologies, Project Budgeting Assistance, Value Engineering, DSA Coordination, Modular Relocation Work, and Piggyback Bids to ease those procurement challenges.

About SKC Company

SKC Company is a team of industry experts armed with in-depth knowledge to offer the best space solutions for your overall campus growth and/or building additions. From budget preparation through design and approval, our organization provides the assistance necessary to deliver interim housing, install temporary facilities and build those highly customized prefabricated permanent structures, successfully and on time! Utilizing pre-certified (PC) or stockpile drawing templates, this business is familiar with customizing permanent modulars for single story, two-story or High-Performance applications. To date, SKC has successfully installed over 1 million square feet of modular construction within the higher education market; totaling about $50 million in completed projects!