PlanetBids provides a web-based eProcurement modular suite of innovative solutions to help educational procurement teams better serve their organizations. The PB System™ helps manage bids, contracts, insurance certificates, and emergency operations in a easy-to-use, reliable and secure system.

Current Term 3/2/2022 - 2/28/2025
Max Term 2/28/2027
Agreement Number #0000-5699

Contact Information

David DiGiacomo
M: 818.992.1771 ext.130
Tim Goodwin
Sr Sales Executive
M: 818.992.1771 ext.120

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Products and Services offered by PlanetBids

The PB System™ Vendor and Bid Management Modules

Vendor Management
- Senate Bill 854 DIR Compliant
- Validations CSLB, SBE, DVBE, etc.
- Business Forms (W-9)
Bid Management
- Evaluations
- Advanced eBidding for Public Works
- eBond Acceptance

The PB System™ Contact and Insurance Management Modules

Contract Management
- Compliance
- Public Information Requests
- Shared Library amongst Colleges

Insurance Certificate Management
- My Insurance

The PB System™ Business Certification and Emergency Operations Modules

Business Certification Management
- CUPCCAA Certification
- Small Business Certification
- A&E Bench Certification
- Contractor Prequalification

Emergency Operations

About PlanetBids

PlanetBids PB System™ is an intelligently designed and uniquely architected suite of procurement solutions that provide robust functionality to address the many different challenges Purchasing, Public Works, Diversity, and Legal Departments confronted each day. Each procurement solution seamlessly integrates and automates the exchange of pertinent information across our complete platform, providing significant time savings. PlanetBids solutions have you covered, from tools to assist in developing your bid/solicitation documents to receiving bids and bonds electronically, contract and certificate of insurance management, vendor certification, emergency operations, and more!